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Our bespoke CAD design and remodelling service is unique in allowing us to completely modify specific areas of your boat as necessary. We can provide this service in-house thanks to Mark Spink's degree in Product Design Visualisation.  

​We've redesigned, manufactured and fitted dashboards in order to accommodate new equipment, or to close up gaps when we've fitted new equipment. Not by wrapping the dash but completely building it from scratch in a variety of materials including carbon fibre, fibreglass and teak. 


We've also designed and fitted new stainless steel parts and modified existing ones, some on brand new boats, fresh from the factory, in order to give customers peace of mind, ease and comfort onboard and so they can fully enjoy their time at sea. 

​See our gallery below for just a few examples of recent work including radar arches, black water tanks, antenna mounts and A-frames.


Working alongside you, we'll produce high quality 3D drawings using top of the range software. Once approved by you, drawings are sent to our trusted steel fabricator where they will be manufactured to our exacting standards. Finally everything is, fitted, checked and tested by us.


We oversee every part of the process from start to finish. 

radar arch.jpg

Design, manufacture and fit of bespoke Targa Bar

 A very special project for us which took 18 months in total including planning, design and installation. We oversaw the whole fabrication process finally installing the complete navigation and communications system on the boat on location in Jersey last summer.


Complete fit out from bare hull

Mark and Pendower.jpg

CRC Vanguard Project for Commercial RIB Charters, Lymington

We undertook the entire DC and AC electrical design and installation, the fit of all windows, water-tight doors, railings and seats, as well as fitting a range of equipment on this bare hull. The job took around 4 weeks from start to finish.

PHOTO-2019-07-29-19-25-11 (10).jpg
PHOTO-2019-07-29-19-25-11 (17).jpg
PHOTO-2019-07-29-19-25-11 (11).jpg
PHOTO-2019-07-29-19-25-11 (15).jpg
PHOTO-2019-07-29-19-25-11 (16).jpg
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