Lighting is incredibly important in boating and if you plan on undertaking any night time excursions in your vessel it's imperative to have a correct and fully functioning set of lights onboard. 


Suitable Navigational lighting is imperative, both for the safety of those onboard and for others who might be at sea around you.  In fact, since 1849 it has been the law in the UK that boats of all sizes have navigational lights for safety reasons. 

In case you're wondering, the light on your starboard (right hand) side should be green, the light on the port (left hand) side should be red. There should also be white lights on the stern (front) and bow (back) of the boat.  Lights need to be set at the correct height and angle so that they can be seen easily by other vessels. 

Great deck lighting and interior lighting sets the ambience onboard, helping you to relax and wind down after an enjoyable day of boating (it's also good to help you find your way around at night!) 

Underwater lighting has become very popular. As well as looking great, one of the major benefits of underwater lighting is safety as it makes it much easier for you to see when getting on and off the boat at night, helping to prevent accidents. It can also be very useful if you enjoy night fishing as fish are often attracted to the lights.

So if you are in need of any kind of lighting: nav lights, search lights, deck lighting, interior lighting or underwater lighting call us now to find out more. 

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